'Points of Unity’

The customs of leaving letters and objects at historic and spiritually important sites such as the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and Casa de Guilietta in Veraona continue to inspire my work.  These collective acts of engagement, born of an anthropic desire to connect with the divine or universal energies are used as starting point concepts which then develop through my making process.  I explore notions of impact from this connection in the physical form, symbolically using the teardrop to represent human emotional impetus. 

I use thin sheets of porcelain to create paper-like stacks that become disrupted or impacted in some way by the teardrop, or is it the teardrop that is holding the stack down? And for how long?  I aim to create dynamic pieces by exploring the tension between the paper-like stacks , the weighted tears and the ‘rocks’.

I use a combination of hand building and throwing techniques in porcelain as this allows me to work very thinly while still retaining strength within the piece.  The final outcome is often determined by the kiln as the thin sheets of porcelain may move at the high temperatures during the final firing.  I enjoy this added dynamic element which literally captures a moment in time of forces at work.

D.Griffin 4.JPG