Podcasts for Creatives


When I’m working away in my studio, I sometimes listen to the radio. I’m not loyal to any particular station, a lot of DJ’s & adverts can get on my nerves depending on the day, time and my mood. Increasingly though, I find myself listening to podcasts and I thought I’d share with you a couple of good ones that I enjoy for people working with clay and also in other creative businesses.

The Potters Cast

The host is Paul Blais, and he interviews potters and ceramic artists from all over the world about how they started out in clay, how and why they set up their studios and also how they grow their business. It’s a great insight into other makers’ priorities, methods and struggles as well as getting tips on marketing a small business with social media. Our very own Kate Malone has been on it (Episode 396) as well as Australia’s Pippin Drysdale (Ep 332). It has also introduced me to new makers whos’ work I love, such as Chinese ceramic artist Shiyuan Xu. (Ep 352). Check it out, it’s a great resource.

The Practical Creative

This is another interview type podcast hosted by Jeremiah Krage but this one is not specific to ceramics. As well as talking to all types of makers from the craft sector about how and why they do what they do, Jeremiah also speaks to gallery owners, and creative advisors. Mike Goldmark of Goldmark Art Gallery was particularly interesting as he explained how he wanted his gallery to be different to the norm. I’ve been to Goldmark Art Gallery and it is a very different vibe there - and yes, they did offer me lunch! Pete Moseley who is a writer (The Art of Shouting Quietly), coach and speaker has been on this week with loads of tips and advice for promoting yourself and moving your business forward.

So if you want a break from silence, or to turn off the incessant drivel of the radio DJ who has perhaps played one power ballad too many, then give these a try. Let me know what you think.